Volunteering Africa – A Fresh Cape Town Experience

Volunteering abroad in Cape Town, South Africa is something many people are keen to do at least once in their lifetime. Not only is it a great way to travel while helping those in need, you’ll also acquire a few new skills and discover that there are more benefits than you may have thought.Cape Town Sunrise

South Africa lies at the southernmost tip of Africa and is made up of various regions and cities. In the northern region of South Africa, you’ll find Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park and Durban lies in the east, but the place most people believe to be the most beautiful in the world, is Cape Town and surrounds, located in the south.

The benefits of volunteering abroad in Cape Town include:

Travelling experience: This will be the first step in eliminating any fears you may have of travelling to a new country by yourself. The more you travel, the less it will scare you.

Becoming a team player: Most volunteering programs are team-based, so you’ll live and work with team mates from different parts of the world.

Connecting with people from different walks of life: Through volunteering abroad with other people you the opportunity to make lasting friendships with people that have similar value systems to you.

Cultural experience and Respect: You will learn different ways of doing things, such as preparing food, greeting, mannerisms, and so on, as you work with people with different cultures. You will also learn to respect that everyone does things differently.

Learning new skills and capabilities: Volunteering abroad will teach you independence, problem-solving, quick-thinking, as well as team-work, compassion and patience.

Discovering Cape Town: Visit Table Mountain, Robben Island, the V&A Waterfront, Rhodes Memorial, Cape Point and many more tourist venues during your stay. Enjoy the restaurants, coffee shops, beaches, hiking trails, wine routes and great weather Cape Town has to offer.

Adding value to your CV: Over and above benefiting you in your personal life, volunteering abroad will also make you more marketable on a professional level. Including your experience in your CV will show potential employers that you are not afraid of travelling to different countries, able to work independently or in a team, that you respect and are able to work with people from different walks of life.

There are quite a few volunteering agencies in Cape Town and one of them is bound to have a volunteering program to suit you. Some volunteering programs that work with the elderly, while others facilitate programs to work with children from poorer communities or children with special needs. There are volunteering agencies where you can work with wild animals and others where you can assist with abandoned animals. There are also volunteering opportunities to work with marine animals, which include sharks and others that specialize in nature conservation.

A good volunteering agency should collect you from the airport upon your arrival, provide your accommodation and meals, arrange your transport to and from the place where you’ll volunteer, and take you back to the airport once you’ve completed the program. There are a few volunteering organizations that will even take you sightseeing in your free time. To find out more about volunteering abroad in Cape Town, view this website or click here.